Getting Help For Depression

Nearly 15 million Americans each year are affected by a serious illness called depression. Make no mistake, it is a real disease. Although it is defined as a mental illness this is no reflection on the personal attributes of the inflicted. Anyone can contract depression. There’s no logic to its onset. It will affect the rich as well as the poor. Race or religion aren’t important. The fact that you are suffering from this disease does not mean that you are less a human being. Mental illness comes with stereotypes, ignore them. Without treatment it will get worse. Pretending nothing is wrong won’t chase away this problem. This medical condition will progress until it takes over your whole life unless treated.

Depression is brought on by many factors in our life. This illness is more than just feeling sad and confused for a day or so. The affects of true depression can last for months and years. Depression at its worse can lead one to the act of suicide. Early stages involve feelings of regret. It’s possible that the disease will steal away the enjoyment you used to have for favorite hobbies. You can experience loneliness and despair. A sense of failure and feelings of impending doom in the future often appear. Day by day your personality changes to the point that your friends don’t recognize your actions. Work, school, even your home life will feel the sting. Anxiety grows and sleep patterns change.

As previously stated there are many factors that lead to depression. A major contributor is stress. Stress itself has many causes such as losing a friend or being told you have a serious medical condition. DNA is a factor. It can be caused by abuse rather it be physical, emotional or sexual. Looking at the monthly bills might cause it. There is so much stress in the world today to compete and satisfy those in our society. This disease can become very dangerous. The good news is that there is help for depression if you choose to seek it. Studies have shown that only a third of that 15 million Americans that are affected by depression will ask for help. A loved one or you have to look for the help.

The most common form of treatment for depression is ‘talk therapy’ and ‘anti-depressants’ such as Prozac. This typical form of treatment can be expensive and have side effects including anxiety and even greater depression. Natural alternatives exist that contain hyperforin, known to work as well as anti-depressant medicines. There are support groups that are aimed at assisting those affected by this terrible illness. Whether you want it or someone pushes you to it, there is help around for depression.