What Is Diabetes and Its Complications?

Eleven years ago, the number of Diabetes patients reached a staggering 171 million. People from all parts of the globe are suffering from Diabetes and more people are suffering. The question in everyone’s minds is what is diabetes and how can it be prevented? Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease caused by a very high percentage of sugar inside the body. Due to the inability of the body to create insulin, a lot of people are suffering from this disease. Most of the patients affected by this disease would show cases of Polyuria or frequent urination as well as an increase in hunger and in thirst. Patients who would suffer from the disease would need to control their sugar or else they would definitely suffer. There are actually two types of diabetes. The first one is the insulin dependent type and the second is none insulin dependent type.

So what is diabetes and what are the differences of the two types? The first type is the type 1 or the insulin dependent type. Patients who would suffer from type 1 would usually need an insulin injection and if they would not have their medications, they would surely suffer. The other type is the type 2 version wherein the patient would not need an insulin shot. In type 2, the body is an inability to create insulin due to problems in the cells. Type 2 diabetes is often referred to as the adult onset diabetes. There is actually a third type of diabetes however it only affects pregnant women. Gestational diabetes is a condition wherein women who were once diagnosed with diabetes would have a high glucose level because of their pregnancy. This type of diabetes would then subside after as couple of days after the operation.

Patients who are suffering from the disease would not need to worry since the disease is treatable. Through some maintenance medications coupled with insulin shots, patients would be able to go home after a couple of hours in the hospital. Yet, patients that have a high level of diabetes mellitus would need to have their constant checkup since they may be suffering from problems with their organs. Diabetes can cause retinal damage, chronic renal failure and even cardiovascular diseases. Mild or acute complications include hypoglycemia so the patient would feel very weak and sleepy. Constant visit to the hospital or to a clinical physician is a must.