Overcoming a Porn Addiction – It’s Time

A porn addiction offers no escape route. It seems as if they are caught in this vicious current and being swept away. But porn addiction can be overcome. You just need to focus on your objective and goals and to never give up. Repeat to yourself that your addiction is not a hopeless case. Many people have gone through that same path and have clung to hope believing that they can be cured and now are free from this destructive addiction.

Remember that you are not alone in your battle. There are many others who are also struggling and attempting to escape. These people can feel your pain and hurt and frustrations. These same people like you are looking for individuals who can empathize and sympathize with them.

Believe that you have power over your thoughts and that you can choose to break free if you will it. When people become entrenched to addictive behaviours, they feel trapped and powerless. They lose sight of the fact that they can choose to walk away and rebuild their lives. Do not succumb to thoughts that you are predisposed to succumb to addiction or that your efforts to break away from it will amount to nothing. The power lies in your own hands and mind. Capitalize on that.

Know make an honest assessment and evaluation of yourself, where you are now and how far you want to go. Realize that this can be a frank and painful exercise and dark clouds may start to hover on your head. To walk away from addiction you need to have a game plan that you should stick to. Ask yourself what are the things that bring you real happiness and fulfilment? What are those activities that make you use your God given talents and abilities? Write them down. Now that you have identified them, immerse yourself on these activities and slowly let meaning and significance fill your life again.

Reach out to people. Open your hearts to friends that you trust and truly care for. It can be a childhood friend, a workmate, a family member, a minister. You will realize that the people who really care for you would accept you and continually to love you regardless of your imperfections and mistakes. They want you to change for the better and they are willing go out of their way to help you succeed. This realization is a truly empowering fact and can help you overcome your addiction.

Attend workshops and seminars on freedom from pornography addiction. Talk to people who are knowledgeable to speak about the subject. Finally, track your progress so that you can get a sense of fulfillment every time you accomplish something or reach a milestone.