4 Skin Care Products You Should Not Be Without

Confusion Marketing – How they get you to buy more skincare products

With new creams and ingredients being launched onto the market all the time, it can be confusing. Unless you’re in the position to spend hours on your skin care routine every day by using all of these different lotions, you’ll need to pick and choose which are right for you.

4 Skincare Products You Can’t Do Without

Here’s a ‘foundation’ minimum that we recommend you use:

· Sunscreen: You NEED this. It’s essential for preventing sun damage and lowering your risk of developing skin cancer. If you use only one product, sunscreen should be it. A lotion with SPF 15 moisturizes, protects with SPF, and smoothes skin AHAS and vitamin C.

· Eye cream: The skin under your eyes is more delicate and dry than the skin on the rest of your face. Purchase an eye cream which treats the eye area with more emollient moisturizers.

· Face Cream With Retinols: Worried about wrinkles and pigmentation spots? A face cream with retinol is order of the day. Use it in place of your regular moisturizer after washing your face in the evening.

· Body lotion: A lotion with AHAs is recommended for your whole body. For dry spots put on extra lotion before bed and let it soak in while you are sleeping.

A lot of people with sensitive skin have reverted to natural skin care solutions. Many people use natural skin care formulas to care for their skin at home.

3 Facts You Should Know About Natural Way To Instantly Tighten Skin Around The Eyes

My friend Susan used all types of cosmetic products to enhance the quality of skin. Her biggest issue was sagging and dull skin around the eyes. Even after trying expensive treatments and creams, her skin was loose around the eyes and she was never happy with her skin, until she started following 3 basic rules about skin care.

You too can achieve a radiant and glowing skin if you know these 3 facts about natural way to instantly tighten skin around the eyes.

Fact 1 – A healthy diet can take you a long way
Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits like Apples, Oranges, Berries, Kiwi, Peaches and Strawberries are extremely beneficial for the skin. They provide vitamins like C, K, and E to the skin. In addition, some of these fruits are anti oxidant, which fight the free radical activity inside the skin and keep it wrinkle free.

Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day, it hydrates the body and assists in maintaining a glow on the skin.

Fact 2 – More than 70% of the cosmetic products available in the market are harmful
Manufacturers take all sorts of short cuts and use harmful chemicals in cosmetic products. This is true even for some of the best brands in the skin care industry.

Manufacturers’ routinely use chemicals like Alcohol, Lead, Triclosan, Dioxanes, and Neurotoxins in cosmetic products. You must stay away from products that use such chemicals. The best strategy is to read the ingredients list and if you come across a harmful chemical then simply shun the product and move on.

Fact 3 – The best natural way to instantly tighten skin around the eyes is the use of natural products
Natural products are made of natural ingredients. Such ingredients are derived from sources like Algae, Clay, Herbs, and Fruit Extracts. These ingredients are effective because they attack the root cause of the imperfection of the skin.

For instance, the real reason for the dark circles around the eyes is broken capillaries. An ingredient call Halyoxl is capable of repairing the broken capillaries and fixing the dark circles. It also nourishes the sensitive skin around the eyes.

The best advantage of using a natural way to instantly tighten skin around the eyes is that it does not have any side effect. It is safe for the skin as well as other parts of the body.

So there you have it – 3 facts that you should know about skin care. Learn more about natural skin care products and walk towards a healthy and glowing skin in a matter of few weeks from now.